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During the times of his studies at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt/Main, Germany in January 2001 Dirk v. Diringshofen's book "Internet für Juristen" (Internet for Lawyers) was published by the German Luchterhand Verlag, part of the international Wolters Kluwer Group, which specializes in law-books and magazines. The widely acclaimed book is a guide for lawyers and law students alike to the most important, most interesting and sometimes least known resources on the internet, each represented with a short review and a rating on the over 400 pages of the paperback-book. Due to the huge success of the book a new edition was scheduled for a release in 2002/2003 which Dirk v. Diringshofen proceeded to hand over to a new author to concentrate on his first state exam.

At the same time Dirk v. Diringshofen was the author of a series in the first year of publication of the magazine Praxis Verkehrsrecht (Practical Trafficlaw) (publisher: lawyer Wolfgang Ferner; publishing house: Luchterhand Verlag) presenting related websites.

Independent from his work as author in legal matters Dirk v. Diringshofen established himself as internationally acclaimed expert in the field of stage musical shows in Germany and Austria. Up till July 2002 he was the sole responsible "editor" (on a free-lance basis) for all of Germany for the Austrian stage musical magazine "Musical Cocktail". In this function he covered the German stage musical world reporting from major events, premiers (e.g. the German premiers of hit shows as "Disney's Lion King", "Saturday Night Fever", "Elisabeth", ...) and reviewing productions all over the country. He also established the CD- and Video-section of the magazine and conducted numerous interviews with German and international musical performers, composers and authors.

During his time with the "Musical-Cocktail" the new emphasize on the German stage musical productions, which he covered all on his own, was one of the main reasons for the magazine's steep increase in circulation and reputation not only among the fans, which are the core target group of the magazine, but also among professionals.

Through his work for the "Musical Cocktail" Dirk v. Diringshofen also came into professional contact with the Disneyland Resort Paris and in December 1999 joined the international team of the website DLP.info. In the meantime this has become a hobby project in his time off work. DLP.info has moved into the position of the leading unofficial website covering the Disneyland Resort Paris online and offers Dirk v. Diringshofen a unique environment to publish in German and English as well as make valuable experiences in the most diverse fields ranging from the operation of a website (technical and content wise), to photography and event organization. 

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